Ugh! It’s time for the January doldrums. We almost get spoiled with Fall because there are so many fun holidays to look forward to, but once we get past New Years there’s nothing bot annoying cold temps and nothing to look forward to. Valentines is still over a month away.

In our household we’ve begun to take measures to turn that around. On Saturdays we’ll often watch a movie online while enjoying trashy snacks and adult drinks. Bailey’s in your hot cocoa is always a good idea.

And it would probably help if we took down our damn Xmas tree, LOL.

Media Individuality

Hopefully people are having an enjoyable holiday season!

So, one of the shows I’ve been enjoying, Cowboy Bebop, was cancelled. Personally I thought they nailed the feel of the original. Disappointed by the cancellation to be sure.

It occurred to me that I am rather proud of enjoying the movies and TV shows that I do because at least I used my own judgement. I have an estranged older brother that recommended I watch Squid Games which I, of course, never will. My brother literally only ever enjoys things that are hugely popular which is sad. I myself loved Game of Thrones while it aired but only because it appealed to me and not because it was suggested to me.

The list of movies alone that I like and no one else does grows with time. I still regularly watch 13th Warrior, Gods of Egypt with Gerald Butler, and The Great Wall with Matt Damon. There are some old, old TV movies that I enjoy as well even though the effects didn’t age well such as The Bermuda Depths and Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Park. I don’t care for the original Godzilla movies, but I love Daimajin (all three movies). I think the recent Star Wars trilogy with Rey and Kylo Ren was brilliant, both in cinematography and storytelling. I don’t get the whiners who act like Lucasfilm should have consulted them on the plot. They’re fun movies, so shut the hell up.

Be like me. Don’t be a mindless sheep. Enjoy what you enjoy. Happy holidays!

Two sides – Two types

I don’t know if it’s the same in other countries but definitely so here in the U.S. We’ve become terribly divisive and we’re lacking a coherent, reasonable center. We have two types of people anymore, the overly offensive and the overly offended and I really wish that they either go away, grow up, or just STFU.

The overly offensive are pretty obvious. Reps Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert, as just an example, are downright reprehensible people. Everything that comes out of their mouths is pretty much divisive, racist rhetoric. Nobody is doing enough to stop or at least censure them. How is our country going to successfully move forward when we have representatives, public figures, and “celebutants” that seem to want to push us to civil war? Does no one understand that if we dove into civil war, the security of the world would nosedive? If you have a problem with your fellow citizens for being a person of color, for being LGBTQ, then YOU are the problem that desperately needs to be solved.

The other side, the overly offended, are equally loud but a bit more insidious. Here’s a fine example. I’m enjoying these new Marvel television shows. The latest, Hawkeye, is a lot of fun. Some woman, a friend of a friend, complained that the poster/image for the series is too sexually offensive because of Hailey Steinfeld’s stance. Really? I’m female and I was focused on my happiness with the color scheme of their outfits matching the original comic character. This other person chose to find it offensive. Hailey wasn’t bent over at the waist or hugging a damn stripper pole. You know what, we ladies have curves. No photographer or actress should be admonished because you notice we have curves. Admiring our body shape is okay, we’re supposed to like the female body form. It’s how you react to it that makes one potentially offensive. Women shouldn’t have to wear a burqa to hide their body shape to avoid offending the sensibilities of other women as well as men. Women got labelled a witch and put to death in Salem if another woman was jealous and deemed them too attractive.

Then you’ve also got combinations of the two. You have people like J.K. Rowling who is pro-inclusion of people of color but is deeply prejudiced against trans women. What a load of BS! You can’t be pro anything if you’re practicing selective hatred. The term for someone like that is a “terf”, a trans-exclusionary radical feminist. Even men like Dave Chappelle can be deemed a terf due to their prejudice. Hatred of anyone for existing is NEVER okay. The only thing anyone should ever be held accountable for is their conduct, their character.

It’s all just a bunch of noise with factions of people demanding their voices and viewpoints be the only ones heard, their section of society be the only one allowed to exist. Thus, they’re pretty much jerks on either side of the aisle. I miss when people were just cool with each other.

Never meet your heroes

This was the title of the first episode of Hawkeye. It sure is off to a fun start! Remember when the superhero shows were just the big four – Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Spiderman? Even then the quality was hit or miss. Now even the lesser-known characters have amazing shows and movies! Jeremy Renner provides much needed depth and gravitas to Hawkeye both on the tv show as well as the various MCU movies he’s been in. I’m looking forward to the remainder of the season, but also hoping the character doesn’t die or retire.

In other “Never meet you heroes” news, there’s a model I’ve admired for some time, such a gorgeous lady, who I won’t name because it would be rude of me to divulge. I don’t normally follow social media, so I thought I’d check out her Twitter feed. OMG, she is wild and wooly in her down time! Please, girl, shave those pits and legs, we’re supposed to evolve away from monkeys, not toward them! Literally every other post was her proudly displaying her pit hair with her filler being just nutty anti-vax posts. I guess it’s important to remember that the glamour we admire in some celebrities and models is just the veneer their managers or employers want us to see.

Genre Shows

I admit I love genre shows, fantasy, fantistorical, some sci-fi. What’s kind of random is how they end. Some of them are able to end on their own terms like Lost or Game of Thrones, but then you’ll get others that have a cliff-hanger season finale, but end up getting cancelled, like Alcatraz and Debris and then you’re left wondering what the hell to make of it.

Lately I’ve been luck enough though that two shows I’ve loved ended on their own terms and ended perfectly. Those would be Lucifer and the lesser-known fantasy tale The Outpost.

Lucifer was cancelled on Fox and was surprisingly revived by Netflix, going on to finish a few more seasons. Clearly Fox blew it. Big surprise, I know. All the surviving characters had a wonderful and character-specific happy ending. It is my sincere wish that lead actor Tom Ellis become the next 007.

The Outpost was a pleasant surprise as well. It just finished its fourth and final season, a lesser known fantasy tale from producer Dean Devlin of Independence Day fame. That one literally got better every season and dug deeper into its lore as opposed to an old show like Xena that just meandered until it died. The final season of The Outpost was so good that it gave context to all the previous seasons, making them more rewatchable as a result. I highly recommend getting your hands on this. I hope leads Jessica Green and Jake Stormoen go on to do even greater things.

A Path Forward

Let’s speak metaphorically for a moment. Our Universe is a place of extremes, both insanely hot and insanely cold. For the survivability of a planet’s habitat, it needs to be in a very slim “goldilocks zone”. The same can be said for our own weather. We can have burning summers and freezing winters.

Not exactly rocket science, right? Perhaps we need to apply that notion to ourselves as well. I’m going to keep it strictly to exterior for now but I’ll dig deeper in subsequent posts. Just with image alone, we don’t want to dress like people did prior to the 20th Century in ridiculous painful and restrictive corsets etc, but neither do we want to dress like a bunch of slobs like people everywhere essentially do now. In one century, the US alone went from restraints to a nation of slovenly Walmart shoppers. Don’t laugh and agree if it probably applies to you.

People now think a shabby tee shirt and jeans is appropriate attire for an office. There is no such thing as even business casual anymore, it’s more like a free-for-all of shabbiness. I get it if you’re a construction worker, that’s not really a time for a neck tie or sky-high heels. Keep in mind, though, however we present ourselves, that is what we will live up to. If we look like a bunch of shabby bums, we won’t behave much differently. When is the last time you can remember a standard office fellow wearing a tie though? When is the last time you saw a professional woman wearing beige nylons instead of displaying her bare, veiny, knobby legs? No points for Hooters girls because they wouldn’t do so if it wasn’t part of the uniform. Kudos to trans women who are often more likely to wear tights than their cis peers.

Up until 1990, even high school and junior high girls and boys dressed like young women and men, and they looked fantastic. It has since flipped so now grown-ups dress like a bunch of eight year-olds at a playground. You know I’m right, so don’t bother disagreeing or coming up with a clever retort.

Shame on all of us. We need a path forward out the decline of civility we’ve fallen into. Everybody pretty much hates everybody. Before we can begin to heal any and all social ills, we all have to first hold ourselves to a higher standard. Maybe then we can see each other as fellow upstanding citizens instead of dumbing ourselves down to the lowest common denominator. We need to step back from a perilous ledge.

Guys, please throw on that blazer and tie, and try sticking with a polo shirt on the weekends. Ladies, make your peace with the beige nylons with a classy dress or skirt suit. If we’re going to expect decency from each other, then we have to start right now by looking the part and slowly working our way inward.

Lost Scary Opportunities

I love all the classic scary/horror movies. If you really watch the first entries in any that became a series of films, though, a couple seem to have gone way off base.

Starting with Michael Myers in Halloween… The good doc played by Donald Pleasance makes it very clear there is something extremely wrong with Michael. He explains to an administrator that this person who’s been sitting there catatonic since the age of six mysteriously learned how to drive. Pleasance’s character acknowledged that’s impossible! Myers couldn’t have driven a vehicle unless there was something truly awful and supernatural occuring. My take is that the boy Michael Myers is the first victim. The boy as a living, thinking person disappeared. Something else is walking around in his shell. THAT should have been explored. What took him over? Could that happen to others? Imagine a sequel that had a handful of people now go catatonic and succumb to some murderous Samhain spiritual force. How do you stop them all?

Then there’s Friday the Thirteenth. Keep in mind the original producers didn’t stay. Whoever took the reigns and made copies with roman numerals doesn’t count. In the original movie, it was not Jason Voorhees that was the killer, it was his mother, seeking vengeance for her drowned and apparently developmentally disabled child. She implied in her final conversation that there was something weird about the lake itself. Whatever it was, it brought her son’s corpse back from the dead. Jason is not the antagonist, the lake is. What is in the lake? What happened that made Jason the revenant that he became? And why are the newer producers too stupid to get that and explore it? Because they’re shit z-list people just out to make a quick buck.

If someone isn’t brave enough to finish those narratives, then fuck it, I will!