Speaking of competition…

Ugh, it’s that time of year again. It’s time for the weekly broadcasts of grown men with a ball being chased by other grown men. The NFL athletes may be able to throw, kick, or run faster and more accurately than the rest of us, but it still comes to grown-ups playing a game appropriate for eight year-olds.

The athletes absurdly thank God when they win a Super Bowl. Really? You think God will play favorites in a dumb ball game? God didn’t bless a one of you stinky dudes. God has more important prayers to answer from people who are scared and in need. Also, the athletes get so wrecked if they lose a game, especially the Super Bowl. It’s like they think they were all entitled to a win somehow and were robbed by destiny.

The fans are the worst part. The athletes don’t represent you! They represent their paychecks! The fans sit on their ever-widening asses every Sunday and Monday scarfing down fattening snacks and carb-heavy beers all so they can yell like an angry mob at the TV when there’s a play they don’t agree with. The fans in the stadiums will even be violent towards fans of the other teams! God forbid someone in City A should were the hat or shirt for City B. All for men chasing a little ball. Americans clearly need a better sense of priority.

Think of what we would have achieved if all the money spent by the fans per year, all the money spent on team salaries, all the money spent on advertising, was spent on something more worthwhile, like artistic endeavors, world hunger, ridding us of an awful pandemic, or manned space exploration in our system and beyond.

Nope. Americans think it’s better to have a reason to hate their fellows and yell, “We’re NUMBER ONE!!!!”

Rock and roll all nite…

I have to laugh sometimes when some rock musician, famous or local, complains that Kiss aren’t good musicians. First of all, the lousy musicians of rock are from the 90’s onward (do you really think Mark Hoppus is skilled?). I don’t like Gene Simmons as a person but his bass playing in the 70s was very imaginative and not easy to play when you’re jumping around like the demon he portrays. And their guitar? Countless memorable tracks. There’s a reason we love Rock and Roll All Nite. What a great sing-along.

Kiss also came from an era of great straight-forward rock. Although I was too young to witness it, Kiss fit right in with the other early 70’s acts like Slade, T Rex, Sweet, Humble Pie. If you want something more complex like Kansas you can listen to them alone. I don’t care for BS classic rock that was designed to impress critics. I recommend sitting down and really immersing yourself in Kiss’ Destroyer, Rock and Roll Over, Alive 2, the ’78 Paul Stanley album, Creatures of the Night, 98’s Psycho Circus, and the more modern Sonic Boom.

Goddess bless Kiss and all the members present and past for such fun, energetic rock and roll!

Not so original

Def Leppard (1987) – “pour some sugar on me…”, Andy Kim (The Archies), “Sugar Sugar” (1969) – “pour a little sugar on me baby…”

Prince (1984) – “Purple rain, purple rain…”, America, “Ventura Highway” (1972) – “sorry boy but I’ve been hit by a purple rain…”.


For the life of me I can’t figure out what it is that would behoove a person to watch a reality show. For starters, most of it is scripted which means the fans would believe any line of bull they’re presented with. Secondly, there’s an unhealthy give and take of ego. Viewers uplift the ego of the people on screen which is already outrageously high. The Kardashians, any “Real Housewives” are ridiculously vain and greedy, essentially wealthy lowlifes. Worse yet, because of advertising dollars, they get even wealthier. The ugly tradeoff is that viewers sacrifice their own ego, diminishing their own self-worth because they’re filling up their time watching someone else’s life instead of their own empty lives. Those shows only prove that being wealthy doesn’t make you a worthwhile person. Why waste your time on someone like that? You matter. Take stock in yourself and your own loved ones, and forget everyone else.

WW 1984

People who dislike a particular era or its aesthetics shouldn’t be allowed to present it. I grew up idolizing Wonder Woman so needless to say I am pissed about the recent WW 1984. Patty Jenkins made a film that was not only absurdly silly but was among the worst representations of the 1980’s I’ve ever seen. Nearly every shot had peoples’ hair and clothing wrong. I get that most modern women are such a bunch of lazy Walmart shoppers that they’re never classy enough to wear pantyhose but you don’t get to revise history because of it. Women wore hosiery ALL THE TIME in the 80s! (because they were classy) There were entire displays filled with those funny little eggs of L’eggs pantyhose in every grocery store in America. And yes, I love Lynda Carter with the sheer beige as part of her WW outfit. If Patty J or any other film-maker can’t get the era right, they should be locked in a room and forced to watch Glow or the entire series of Designing Women until they learn from it.

Skill Level

Would you want a physician helping you if they had lousy skills? Would you want someone repairing your home if they had no experience? Would you be willing to buy some kid’s crayon drawing for a million dollars? Of course not.

Then we need to fix America’s rock music. In ’91 the grunge bands destroyed musicianship as we know it. There’s not a single one of them that can play like Eddie Van Halen, Ace Frehley, Geroge Lynch, name your fave guitarist. Not a single one of them can sing like Steve Perry, Paul Stanley, or Brad Delp. Not one of them can drum like Alex Van Halen, John Bonham, or Vinnie Appice. Not a one of them can write or compose to save their lives.

An idiot I recently worked with said, “but don’t you think less is more?” Hell NO! I expect people to be good at what they do! I don’t want architects that create buildings that collapse, I don’t want a doctor that is unfamiliar with a scalpel, I won’t buy a crayon drawing for a million dollars, and NO ONE should consider grunge or post-grunge bands as “classic”. Cobain sucked. He and his peers killed American rock and American culture and we need to resurrect it. Get a hold of White Lion’s “Pride” and Boston’s first album and don’t come out of your room until you’ve learned from them.


I’ll elaborate more about this in the future in detail with how I think it pertains to individual subject matter, but I’ll keep it general here. We’re at a stage in human development where nothing good comes out of competition. I don’t mean businesses, where it keep capitalism healthy, but more in regards to resources, or various accolades. Psychologically, nothing good comes from anyone of any walk of life striving to one-up someone else or needing to prop up their ego by elevating themselves over others. If anything, that’s an ingredient of bullying and hatred.