Never meet your heroes

This was the title of the first episode of Hawkeye. It sure is off to a fun start! Remember when the superhero shows were just the big four – Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Spiderman? Even then the quality was hit or miss. Now even the lesser-known characters have amazing shows and movies! Jeremy Renner provides much needed depth and gravitas to Hawkeye both on the tv show as well as the various MCU movies he’s been in. I’m looking forward to the remainder of the season, but also hoping the character doesn’t die or retire.

In other “Never meet you heroes” news, there’s a model I’ve admired for some time, such a gorgeous lady, who I won’t name because it would be rude of me to divulge. I don’t normally follow social media, so I thought I’d check out her Twitter feed. OMG, she is wild and wooly in her down time! Please, girl, shave those pits and legs, we’re supposed to evolve away from monkeys, not toward them! Literally every other post was her proudly displaying her pit hair with her filler being just nutty anti-vax posts. I guess it’s important to remember that the glamour we admire in some celebrities and models is just the veneer their managers or employers want us to see.

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