Media Individuality

Hopefully people are having an enjoyable holiday season!

So, one of the shows I’ve been enjoying, Cowboy Bebop, was cancelled. Personally I thought they nailed the feel of the original. Disappointed by the cancellation to be sure.

It occurred to me that I am rather proud of enjoying the movies and TV shows that I do because at least I used my own judgement. I have an estranged older brother that recommended I watch Squid Games which I, of course, never will. My brother literally only ever enjoys things that are hugely popular which is sad. I myself loved Game of Thrones while it aired but only because it appealed to me and not because it was suggested to me.

The list of movies alone that I like and no one else does grows with time. I still regularly watch 13th Warrior, Gods of Egypt with Gerald Butler, and The Great Wall with Matt Damon. There are some old, old TV movies that I enjoy as well even though the effects didn’t age well such as The Bermuda Depths and Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Park. I don’t care for the original Godzilla movies, but I love Daimajin (all three movies). I think the recent Star Wars trilogy with Rey and Kylo Ren was brilliant, both in cinematography and storytelling. I don’t get the whiners who act like Lucasfilm should have consulted them on the plot. They’re fun movies, so shut the hell up.

Be like me. Don’t be a mindless sheep. Enjoy what you enjoy. Happy holidays!

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