Genre Shows

I admit I love genre shows, fantasy, fantistorical, some sci-fi. What’s kind of random is how they end. Some of them are able to end on their own terms like Lost or Game of Thrones, but then you’ll get others that have a cliff-hanger season finale, but end up getting cancelled, like Alcatraz and Debris and then you’re left wondering what the hell to make of it.

Lately I’ve been luck enough though that two shows I’ve loved ended on their own terms and ended perfectly. Those would be Lucifer and the lesser-known fantasy tale The Outpost.

Lucifer was cancelled on Fox and was surprisingly revived by Netflix, going on to finish a few more seasons. Clearly Fox blew it. Big surprise, I know. All the surviving characters had a wonderful and character-specific happy ending. It is my sincere wish that lead actor Tom Ellis become the next 007.

The Outpost was a pleasant surprise as well. It just finished its fourth and final season, a lesser known fantasy tale from producer Dean Devlin of Independence Day fame. That one literally got better every season and dug deeper into its lore as opposed to an old show like Xena that just meandered until it died. The final season of The Outpost was so good that it gave context to all the previous seasons, making them more rewatchable as a result. I highly recommend getting your hands on this. I hope leads Jessica Green and Jake Stormoen go on to do even greater things.

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