Lost Scary Opportunities

I love all the classic scary/horror movies. If you really watch the first entries in any that became a series of films, though, a couple seem to have gone way off base.

Starting with Michael Myers in Halloween… The good doc played by Donald Pleasance makes it very clear there is something extremely wrong with Michael. He explains to an administrator that this person who’s been sitting there catatonic since the age of six mysteriously learned how to drive. Pleasance’s character acknowledged that’s impossible! Myers couldn’t have driven a vehicle unless there was something truly awful and supernatural occuring. My take is that the boy Michael Myers is the first victim. The boy as a living, thinking person disappeared. Something else is walking around in his shell. THAT should have been explored. What took him over? Could that happen to others? Imagine a sequel that had a handful of people now go catatonic and succumb to some murderous Samhain spiritual force. How do you stop them all?

Then there’s Friday the Thirteenth. Keep in mind the original producers didn’t stay. Whoever took the reigns and made copies with roman numerals doesn’t count. In the original movie, it was not Jason Voorhees that was the killer, it was his mother, seeking vengeance for her drowned and apparently developmentally disabled child. She implied in her final conversation that there was something weird about the lake itself. Whatever it was, it brought her son’s corpse back from the dead. Jason is not the antagonist, the lake is. What is in the lake? What happened that made Jason the revenant that he became? And why are the newer producers too stupid to get that and explore it? Because they’re shit z-list people just out to make a quick buck.

If someone isn’t brave enough to finish those narratives, then fuck it, I will!

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