October and Fall

I love October! I enjoy the cooler air, it’s not cold (depending on where you live) but it’s a nice respite after hot summers. If you throw on a sweater you’re good to go!

Places like Starbucks bring out their annual pumpkin spice drinks. I’m not too keen on those but they have this apple crisp macchiato that is amazing! I like food and drink with apples in it anyhow so that’s right up my alley.

And let’s not forget the fun of Halloween! We’ve broken out our silly decorations for the year. I acquired a cute ghost thing this year that is illuminated on the inside with flashing colors. A pretty good deal for just three bucks at a drug store. I wish I could afford the big elaborate creepy stuff people put on their lawns.

Pull out your favorite horror movies, grab a bowl of your favorite treats and let’s dig in to October!

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