A Hidden Gem

This is for you classic rock fans. Do you remember that song “Brandy” by Looking Glass? It was featured prominently in the 2nd Guardians of the Galaxy movie (great soundtracks). Kind of a one-hit wonder but a really well known one from the early 70’s.

The condensed story about them is, at some point, the band decided they were tired of being so poppy and wanted to do something more rocking, so they fired the singer, got a new one and rechristened themselves as Starz.

You have got to get your hands on their albums! What great rock and roll! If you like Boston, Kiss, and Sweet, you will love Starz! Skip the album Attention Shoppers which was just a blah attempt at being more radio friendly. Start off with the eponymous first album from 1976 then head straight for Violation and Coliseum Rock. Those three albums are chock full of great rocking tracks!

If you need a sample, go to Spotify or Youtube and listen to Cherry Baby, Detroit Girls, and So Young So Bad. This is rock and roll at its best! For the life of me I don’t get why these guys were not more popular. They should’ve been huge. They are definitely one of my all-time favorite 70s bands, top five for sure.

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