I’ve said it before…

I saw some blog or so-called online magazine today where the author said two things, don’t use a typewriter (dated thing to say) and don’t wear pantyhose.

First of all, we pretty much all need to know how to use a keyboard unless someone’s a complete lazy ass!

She whined about numerous things like being sweaty and getting infections. I’ve said it before and I will say it many times again until people are sick of hearing it. If you have a problem with wearing pantyhose, the problem isn’t the pantyhose, it’s YOU. If wearing it is giving you odd health issues then you have problems with hygiene, not nylon material.

And, most of all, whining about pantyhose at all is an excuse for being a nasty frump that dresses like an eight year-old boy, which should never be someone’s template for style. Hosiery is the epitome of femininity.

Let’s stay classy, ladies. Wear that hosiery.

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