And more competition

So the Emmy’s was a thing last night. I stopped watching the televised awards shows long ago but I often glance at the winners list. I feel even more strongly that artistic endeavors should not be subject to competition and instead simple achievement. All of the nominations for any of the categories were worthy so why should anyone have to pick one? Surely we could instead have awards given out for all great shows, writing, performances as an acknowledgement of what was great in a past year. Perhaps then we wouldn’t have issues like #emmyssowhite, or great shows like The Mandalorian and Wandavision getting shut out for being genre.

That doesn’t mean give out “participation” awards. There should be a minimum of achievement to deserve kudos. Crap like Jennifer’s Body should have all the DVD copies burned and tossed in a garbage heap where they belong.

But for what is our best, let’s stop competing and start lifting each other up and acknowledging everyone’s greatness.

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