Rock and roll all nite…

I have to laugh sometimes when some rock musician, famous or local, complains that Kiss aren’t good musicians. First of all, the lousy musicians of rock are from the 90’s onward (do you really think Mark Hoppus is skilled?). I don’t like Gene Simmons as a person but his bass playing in the 70s was very imaginative and not easy to play when you’re jumping around like the demon he portrays. And their guitar? Countless memorable tracks. There’s a reason we love Rock and Roll All Nite. What a great sing-along.

Kiss also came from an era of great straight-forward rock. Although I was too young to witness it, Kiss fit right in with the other early 70’s acts like Slade, T Rex, Sweet, Humble Pie. If you want something more complex like Kansas you can listen to them alone. I don’t care for BS classic rock that was designed to impress critics. I recommend sitting down and really immersing yourself in Kiss’ Destroyer, Rock and Roll Over, Alive 2, the ’78 Paul Stanley album, Creatures of the Night, 98’s Psycho Circus, and the more modern Sonic Boom.

Goddess bless Kiss and all the members present and past for such fun, energetic rock and roll!

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