For the life of me I can’t figure out what it is that would behoove a person to watch a reality show. For starters, most of it is scripted which means the fans would believe any line of bull they’re presented with. Secondly, there’s an unhealthy give and take of ego. Viewers uplift the ego of the people on screen which is already outrageously high. The Kardashians, any “Real Housewives” are ridiculously vain and greedy, essentially wealthy lowlifes. Worse yet, because of advertising dollars, they get even wealthier. The ugly tradeoff is that viewers sacrifice their own ego, diminishing their own self-worth because they’re filling up their time watching someone else’s life instead of their own empty lives. Those shows only prove that being wealthy doesn’t make you a worthwhile person. Why waste your time on someone like that? You matter. Take stock in yourself and your own loved ones, and forget everyone else.

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